The History of Thanksgiving

Every year in late November people get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Much of the great respect that people have for the holiday comes from the history of Thanksgiving. There is a great amount of regard that the earlier American settlers had for this time, and therefore it makes the history of Thanksgiving especially great.


While the earliest American settlers, or Pilgrims, were looking to explore the land and settle in it things were especially difficult. Poor weather, disease and harsh treatment from others who were on the land were great concerns. Therefore, anytime that the settlers received any kind of help from the natives on the land they saw it as a sign from God. These events were seen with great joy.

One of the main parts of the history of Thanksgiving involves the assistance from the native chief Squanto. Early on in the works that the Pilgrims did in the land Squanto worked to help them. Not only did he provide food and other levels of assistance but he also taught the settlers how to fish and taught them about many of the natural items that are prevalent in the land. This is generally considered to be the start of the history of Thanksgiving.

The history of Thanksgiving continues into a tradition that people in the colony of Virginia began to hold every year. There would be a day held every year that was a day of collective prayer of thanksgiving for others. The tradition of Thanksgiving continues to be held today all over the country. This today is more than just a day of thanks for the natives that helped the settlers but a day where people are thankful for everything that they get in order to help them through life.

The foods that are eaten during Thanksgiving are among important parts of the history of Thanksgiving. These foods are ones that are seen as native to the land. They are what the settlers learned from the natives to capture, grow and prepare.

Turkey is one of the most essential foods in the history of Thanksgiving. This was an especially popular food among the settlers after Squanto had taught them about how to successfully find them and hunt for them. Preparation of the turkey was also taught to the settlers.

Vegetables that are common during a Thanksgiving dinner make up a great part of the history of Thanksgiving. These vegetables, including potatoes, cranberries and green beans, were ones that the settlers worked to harvest.

Today Thanksgiving is especially different. While people still meet up with others there are football games to catch and the Black Friday sales that start up the holiday shopping season. However, the history of Thanksgiving is still relevant today in that the traditions that were held at the start are still used today. People are still thankful for many great things in their life and every year on Thanksgiving they give thanks to it all. From their family to their religion people still use Thanksgiving to be thankful for what they have.


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