The Battle for the Alamo – a Symbol of Courage

Whenever people hear about the city of San Antonio, Texas, some will think about the Riverwalk, the San Antonio Spurs and its great culture. However, it’s the Alamo that is always the most memorable part of the city. This is because the Alamo is considered to be a great symbol of the United States and the courage that people in the country have.


To understand the important of the Alamo it’s important to look back at the battle for the Alamo back in 1863. The battle for the Alamo was a fight that was intended to be one that was for the American army to hold off an especially important piece of property in San Antonio. However, in this case it was more of a slaughter than a battle.

In the battle of the Alamo, which lasted from February 23 to March 6 in 1863, a couple hundred Texans banded together to protect this fort from a group of Mexican soldiers that was thousands of people strong. Mexico was invading the United States, and the Alamo was one of the main targets that the Mexican armies were looking to take over.

Many of the people of the battle of the Alamo are especially memorable. Names like Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and William B. Travis are among those who are especially remembered. In fact, it was Travis who worked to inspire all of the American troops to fight back despite the unfavorable odds. As Travis wrote right before the battle for the Alamo, “…Victory or Death.”

As a result of the battle of the Alamo American Sam Houston was given more time with which to help to establish a more solid army. This army was send to Santa Anna at San Jacinto to help turn the tide of the war and give the Americans success.

To this day well after the Battle for the Alamo people still use the “Remember the Alamo” rally call in battle. This is because of the great courage that the men at the battle for the Alamo worked to hold onto.

Today things are different in San Antonio. The city is an especially popular tourist destination. However, it is the battle for the Alamo that will always live on in history. The battle for the Alamo is considered to be one of the greatest moments in American history in that it is a symbol of courage and the spirit of independence that the United States was founded on.


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