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Growing Bonsai Trees Using Blue Junipers

Bonsai trees can be beautiful and challenging. You will need to make a commitment to take care of it so, that it will grow and thrive. Make sure you have read up on the treatment and care of them so that you know what to expect.

If you are considering raising a Bonsai tree you may want to consider using a Juniper tree. They are very hearty and are not as temperamental as other trees. They have a high tolerance for a variety of conditions.

Many people have used them to cascade and they have worked out successfully. Some varieties of trees are nor prone to cascade, however, the Juniper would be easy to work with.

They enjoy frontal sun and somewhat dry to moist soil. Make sure there is adequate drainage for any water over flow.

The plant should be fed regularly approximately every four weeks. Some people prefer to use fertilizers in the soil however, this is not generally recommended.

If you have just repotted the tree wait before you add any fertilizer. Make sure you are using a mild one that does not have harsh chemicals. Make sure you measure and take in to account the recommended mixture ratio.

If you are repotting, take time to trim the roots so that they do not over grow. If your tree is 10 years or older, it is recommended that they be repotted every two to three years.

As with other trees, the recommended combination to fertilize is peat, sand and soil. However some people have used leaf mold and soil as an alternative.

Once you prune the excess branches, you will need to repot it. Remember this is a delicate process, so use great care so that you do not traumatize the tree.

If you do need to prune the branches, gently pinch them away. If you twist them gently off the branch, make sure you do not put pressure on or bend it. The amount of pruning will be dependent upon how fast the tree is growing.

You may notice some small mites on the tree. This is very common. It will cause the leaves to yellow and spot. If you suspect that your tree has mites, gently tap it and if they move, you know you have a problem with bugs.

If you do, you may want to spray an insecticide or use a solution of nicotine and water. You will need to place the tobacco in water and once the tobacco dissolves and the solution is tan to dark brown then you can spray it on the tree. Hopefully, this will cure the bug problem. If not, you may want to consult a horticulturist or use a commercial bug spray.

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