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Tips For Organizing Your Childís Closet: Have Fun!

Every mother will tell you that if you have children and donít have organization in your home, you are in trouble. This applies to scheduling, laundry, appointments, homework, and yes, even right down to the closets. Children are notorious for not being able to keep up with or find what they need, especially in a time crunch, so having an organized closet can help them with this. Not only will it help them to keep up with and find their belongings easier, it will also help them in keeping their room neat and clean, as well as teach them useful organization skills.

There are many closet organization systems on the market today, and some manufacturers will also let your custom design your own system to best suit your needs. It may be better when getting an organizer for your child if you get one that can be modified or adjusted later, so that you child can have more space as needed as he or she grows older. You will want to make certain your child can easily reach his or her clothing or items stored in the closet, and this can be adjusted as they grow.

It is a good idea to drop their clothing rod down to their height, so that they can not only pick out their own clothes, but they can also learn to put up their own laundry. This will help teach your children independence and responsibility, valuable assets for children to have at any age.

You can also install some shelving units that your child can use for storage, and then move them around as your child gets older. One cheap alternative to shelving is crate or plastic bins, which will allow your child to see what is inside without having to actually open the containers.

To allow more space, add hooks or a shoe organizer to the back of the closet door, which will be a great place to store shoes, hats, belts, etc. Keep in mind that your child needs to be able to reach the items that he or she uses on a regular basis easily, so put these items in easy reach.

Your goal should be to make things easier for your child, so design everything with your child in mind. Since this is your childís closet, let him or her have some say in the way things are arranged, and you will have much better odds of them keeping it that way, without it being a constant battle between the two of you.

There are many benefits for both your child and you to be gained from having a neatly organized closet space, so this is well worth the time and effort you may spend doing it. Your child will be able to find his or her belongings easier, and will learn valuable skills and habits in the meantime!

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