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Dirt Biking Crash Causes

If you're a sports nut, and have watched extreme sports television, you might of come across a couple of daredevils on their dirt bikes. It's no wonder they are called extreme sport with all the danger they have when they execute their stunts. However, the feeling of adrenaline they get from doing a 720 flip or whatever has to be extremely exhilarating and there aren't too many sports that will do that.


Like everything in life, if you want to achieve something great, you need risk. If you take a bigger risk, you could get a bigger the reward. In the case of dirt bike, the danger is that you can crash at any moment. Oh the crashes are spectacular of course especially to any spectators in the crowd of course (given you perform a show) but when your on the bike and you see the ground, the bike, the sky, the ground, the bike then the sky again all this in a matter of seconds, it isn't that cool. You can have all the training in the world, all the equipment in the world and have over 20 years of riding, if you crash, you crash.

Like any other accidents, they happen because the person driving the bike was distracted or did not see what caused the accident. When can this tragedy happen? It can be anytime. If you perform aerials it can be while you're in the air (ea. losing the handle bars of your bike) or maybe there's an oil patch on the ground and there's no time to avoid it. You could also crash if you're in a race against other people like you. You want to win so you try to get the inside corner and so does everyone else so the bikes touches themselves (ea. a wheel on a wheel). I'm not done yet. You could also be riding on the perfect trail when all of a sudden there's a rock sticking out of the ground that you don't see and then catastrophe strikes. It can occur at any time!

Now that we know the when, how about answering the why? It could be any reason! For example if someone or you land a huge stunt and land but one of the bearings on the wheel falls of, the wheel could fly. Maybe you're a rookie and took a bite out of a course that presents many difficulties. Maybe you are tired. We already feel under productive after half a day's work; imagine when you're driving a bike. You'll agree that riding a bike is a dangerous thing but if your brain is 'away', then this becomes extremely dangerous, as your reaction time is not as sharp as it normally would be. So, make sure you are focused on riding and that's it. When you get on the track leave your personal feelings off the track. Also, if you are a 'wuss' then don't bother getting on the bike or you may get injured. It's heavy and hard to control especially at high speeds.

Can you crash when you ride a dirt bike? Of course even the most experience of drivers can crash. But by following the advice I provided along the way and with common sense, you put all the chances on your side to have a safe journey.


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