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Checking Dirt Bike Parts

If you get a dirt bike than your playground will definitely include a mountain (or slopes), lot's of mud preferably and last but not least a trail that will be composed primarily of rocks, stones, sand and anything uneven to make it hard. This is the only bike that will take that kind of beating and will want to go back for more and more and even more because that's what it was designed for. Luckily enough, we're 'starting' to get an edge over mountains and trails because our technology advances and it makes us more able to do whatever we want.


However, you know that nothing lasts forever. But in the case of dirt bike, it is possible for us to prolong the life of the bike by taking care of the parts on a regular basis. If you need to change a piece to make it run again don't be afraid, it won't cost as much as buying a new one.

If I came up to you and said that it could cost 12$ to keep your dirt bike as clean as a whistle, or at least running good compared to 1250$ to replace broken parts, would you take time to make regular checkups? Well this is exactly what you can do for your dirt bike every now and then for the excellent time it provides you. You still don't believe me? A linkage kit will cost you 90$. If you grease them they will last longer and will cost you a big $2. If you make an oil change for a transmission it will cost you a big 5$. If you decide it's too time consuming or expensive, how does 1000$ for a new transmission sound? Take another 5$ for cleaning your air filters and it will prolong the life of your top end gasket that can cost up to 175$. So do you believe me now?

Obviously a vital thing to check before doing anything is to check your brakes and the grips as often as possible. You don't want to miss brakes when your going down steep hills believe me because you may injure yourself really badly or hurt someone else along the way. If damaged, don't waste time to get other one's. Another part you should check is the suspension. If by bad luck, you didn't check them and do decide to go biking, watch out because you may be in for the ride of your life because your shocks are in bad shape. Check the place where you put your key in (the ignition). If it's dirty, you may not get too far.

Finally the last two things you need to check for is the carburetor (especially at the end of winter before you get ready for spring) and the engine of course. Sure the outside may look ok but you never know. You always should do these steps for your safety and for the longer life of your bike. Taking care of your bike 12$, having the time of your life: priceless.


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