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Texas Dirt Bike Trails

If there is one sport that is getting popular in the sports world it's dirt biking and the trails are getting really special as they get better. It's fun because the sport is able to be enjoyed by all. This means that for those who simply want to enjoy it without competing, they can. The reason it is so popular is because it answers the need that people have for speed. Dirt biking offers exactly that and the tracks in the USA offers every kind of tracks from easy to very hard. For some reason however, the most visited tracks are in Texas.


In Texas if you really want to see awesome tracks, you absolutely need to go in middle Texas. I guess it helps to have tracks when you have a lot of addicts to that sport. However, you need to be aware that not all tracks are public so you might be disappointed if you want to ride some. However, you might be able to see them on special occasion like an event. Another very important detail not to forget if you want to go on public trails... You absolutely need a sticker on your dirt bike that mentions "Texas Off Highway Vehicle". But they are easily accessible at any bike dealers. Just make sure that you're going on a public track. It would be a shame to drive 40 miles only to find out that you won't be able to ride because it's a private property.

Let's say that you decided that this is your passion and decided that dirt biking is what you will do, you might want to go to "Sam Houston National Forest". This is the most popular site for dirt biking in Texas. If you ever decide for some reason that you want to travel the whole trail in one shot, you butt may be a little sore as it runs for almost 130 kilometers. A word of warning: don't think it will be a walk in the park and that the roads are flat. In fact, it's the exact opposite. It consists of hills after hills of rocks and dirt and mud and sand is what awaits you if you have the nerves to handle it. If you like to meet dirt bike nuts like you, go at "Kelly Pond Recreation Area''. There are a lot of passionate persons about bike there.

If you have ever been to Colorado or heard stories on how beautiful the scenery is. They have gorgeous places in Texas but you can almost see the splendor of the landscape of Colorado, but of Texas. Colorado Mountain (in Texas) is a great place to dirt bike. You can see ATV there but it's better if you have a dirt bike. A beginner will have a great time on the mountain because the trails aren't that tough to travel. But because the peaks are often covered in snow the trails don't stay open too long.

Because there are so many different trails that you can choose, look in your paper or the internet to see what is available in your location.


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