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Basset Hound Puppies Article

So You Want to Be a Dog Breeder

For those who take the time to learn to do it correctly, and that are committed to their animals, breeding dogs can be a lot of fun, and a truly rewarding experience. There is a lot of joy to be had from watching puppies grow in the womb, and then seeing them thrive for the first six weeks of their lives, and knowing that you had a part in that. Not everyone can be a good breeder. You have to be interested in more than the bottom line when breeding, you have to really love and care for the animals you are breeding and creating, so that you produce, happy, healthy puppies to introduce into loving homes.

There is a lot more to dog breeding than can be covered in one simple article, that is for sure. You need to learn what time of year is best for breeding, how to prepare, and how to become a success. You need to be willing to take the time to become an expert with the breed of dogs that you have, and know all the ins and outs of breeding, before you ever begin.

Obviously, to breed dogs, you have to wait until the female dog is in heat. Typically, this happens every six months, seven for some breeds. While the female dog may go into heat at an early age, she may not be physically ready to carry and care for puppies, so keep this in mind. You need to wait at least until the dog is fully grown before attempting to breed, and for some breeds, that isnít until the reach two years of age or older.

Your veterinarian can help let you know when the right time for breeding your dog is, through knowledge, testing, and physical exams. You shouldnít try to breed until your vet advises you to do so, as you might lose both your adult dog, and your puppies.

Once your vet does give you the go ahead for breeding, you will need to find a male dog to mate with your female. This usually works best if you bring the female dog to the male, as the male will be more comfortable in his own domain. Most female dogs arenít fertile until they have been in heat for about ten days, and the fertile period usually lasts for about four days. This may vary from dog to dog, so talk to your vet, and then just use your own trial and error process. Make certain the male you choose is of good health and a pure bloodline, to create the best, healthiest puppies!

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