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Basset Hound Puppies Article

Basic Dog Facts Every Dog Lover Should Know

Very few people can honestly say they donít like cute little puppies and dogs, both young and old. Before you get your own new canine friend, there are some things that you should know, just general facts that can boost your dog knowledge and make you a better pet owner.

All dogs, no matter how cute and cuddly, were at one time predators in the wild. Dogs still have some of this in their nature, no matter how much you pet them and love them, they could at one time turn on you or someone you love. Not to say that dogs are bad, but this is something that every dog owner should know ahead of time.

Each individual breed of dog has its own unique personality traits and features, so it would benefit you to do your homework well, when looking for your own perfect dog. If you are someone who doesnít have a lot of patience and doesnít like a lot of noise, then odds are you donít want to get one of the small dogs that seem to have boundless energy and likes to yip all of the time. If you want a loving, loyal dog, then you might want to think about going with a Golden Retriever or Collie, but again, it is your ultimate choice to make. The important thing is that you keep in mind your own personality traits when choosing a dog, to make certain you choose a breed that you can likely get along well with.

If you have children in the family, you need to be extra careful. No matter what you have heard about dogs, some of them just canít deny their violent predatory nature. When choosing a dog that will be around your children, you want to make certain you pick one that will tolerate the tail pulling, hugs, and rough housing that children often subject their pets to.

If you are looking for a dog that you can dress up, fixing its hair and putting it in frilly clothes, then you need to look for a dog that has a lot of hair, and is small enough for you to lug around. You should also choose a dog, such as a Poodle, that wonít mind this treatment.

Some people get dogs for protection, and if that is what you are looking for, you should make certain you get a dog that wonít be welcoming to unwelcome guests. Some dog breeds are just naturally loving and friendly to everyone they meet, and while they fit well into the family, they just arenít very good at protecting. After all, you donít want your guard dog licking the face of the burglar who is trying to get into your home.

Some dogs, because of their predatory nature, should only be owned by certified breeders and trainers. These dogs placed into untrained hands could potentially do a lot of damage; even take someoneís life if not handled properly. Typical breeds that fit into this pattern are the Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, notorious for mauling children, especially.

When you decide to add a dog into your family, you shouldnít just choose the one that you think is the prettiest or cutest. You need to remember that all dogs have the potential to be aggressive predators, and choose the dog that will be the best fit for your home and family. Once you have chosen the dog you want, you still have an uphill battle, because you have to learn how to care for him properly.

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