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Purchasing Chews for Your Canine Friend

Dental disease can be a real problem in dogs, and many of them start to show signs and symptoms of these problems at the ripe young age of three. To help keep your canine friendís teeth in good working order, you should brush them at least once a day, and provide him with safe chewing toys, which can help keep his teeth and gums healthy. It is also important that your dog see the veterinarian on a regular basis, both for sick and preventative care appointments.

It is your responsibility to make sure your dogís teeth stay healthy, one that you should take seriously. Your veterinarian can help you learn how to brush your dogís teeth, and after a while, it will become a routine that neither you nor your dog will mind overly much. The hard part will likely be in finding the right chews, since there are so many on the market to pick from.

The majority of chews found in your local pet supply store are either rawhides or bones. A few of them are even made up of combined vegetable matter as well. Make sure you purchase chews for your dog that are effective at cleaning and removing tartar from his teeth, which will lead to tooth and gum disease if left to sit on there. Providing your dog with chews will also help keep him away from items he isnít supposed to chew on, such as your shoes or furniture.

It is important that you pick chews that are designed with your dog breed in mind. For example, you wouldnít want to purchase a chew meant for a Great Dane for your Chihuahua, and vice versa.

Some chews have been hyped up with extra nutrients, which can also be beneficial for your dog. Some dogs are prone to nutritional deficiencies, and these chews can help to remedy that problem.

You need to make certain that you donít get a chew that is too large or too small for your dog, as these could potentially be dangerous. Chews that are too small might end up being swallowed whole, which could block your dogís airway, or do internal damage. For big dogs, you should look for chews that are hard to chew, but can be digested easily and quickly. Young puppies and small breeds should be given chews that are size appropriate and made of soft, easy to chew materials.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your dog while he is enjoying his chew, just to be on the safe side. You never know when your dog might get choked, requiring immediate attention.

If your dog does happen to get choked on a chew, rather than trying to treat him yourself, you should take him straight to your closest vetís office. If you see that your dog is able to break the chew up into smaller pieces, then you should consider purchasing a different type of chew.

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