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South Beach Diet Phase Two

The South Beach Diet is a popular diet that involves using the right fats and carbohydrates and avoiding the wrong ones. There are three phases in the diet. Letís take a deeper focus on Phase Two.

In Phase One there are various different foods that are meant to be avoided. In Phase Two those foods will be reintroduced to the dieterís regimen. This is why Phase Two is generally considered to be the reintroduction period.


Among the foods that are brought back into the diet during Phase Two include fruits and whole grains. Because of the fact that the foods are going to be reintroduced the rate of weight loss will be small at around one or two pounds per week. This may be a small level but it can be especially effective if one keeps to the diet.

One concern about South Beach Diet is that it lasts as long as it would require to be able to lose the weight that the person wants to lose. For instance, if a person is looking to lose fifty pounds it would take about six months, or about twenty five weeks, to lose the weight. Phase Two will continue over this period of time and will not end until the personís weight loss goal is finally reached. This will be a different amount of time depending on the goal.

One of the greater things to think about for South Beach Diet is that the dieter is going to be about eight to thirteen pounds less in weight than at the start of the diet because so many foods were restricted from the diet in Phase One. Of course, the main reason as to why Phase Two is so important is because at this time the body will not have as much of a craving for some of the foods that were removed from the diet. This means that it will be easier for the person to be able to lose weight.

When the person sticks with the diet plan during South Beach Diet the weight will be able to come off easily. Of course, some of the foods that were not allowed during Phase One will be allowed but they should still be less than what was used originally. This means that it is best to avoid the foods but if they are going to be used they should be done sparingly.

While the weight loss in South Beach Diet will be small it will be consistent over time and can continue to happen if the person sticks with the diet.

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