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South Beach Diet Guidelines

The South Beach Diet is one of the country’s most popular diets. It can be used to help promote effective and long lasting weight loss. However, there are some South Beach Diet guidelines to follow. By going by these guidelines weight loss and the diet in general will be the most effective that it can be.


It is essential that all three of the phases in the diet are followed for the South Beach Diet. The first and second phases are the especially important ones, but the third phase can last a lifetime and can help to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

The first phase has some of the strictest diet guidelines. For instance, while the protein quantity is not limited during the first phase one of the strongest South Beach Diet guidelines involves having more vegetables. They are generally recommended with at least half a cup at breakfast and two cups at lunch and dinner. Fruits, milk and starch are especially restricted on this first part of the diet.

A snack is required in the first stage of the diet. This generally goes after dinner. Of course, the snack should not have any starch or milk. Some mayonnaise or oil can be used, but this should be only for one teaspoon in most cases. The oil and mayonnaise are optional.

The second phase has some less strict South Beach Diet guidelines because the foods that were restricted in the first stage are now being reintroduced into the diet. While the amounts of protein allowed are not dictated by any South Beach Diet guidelines there are some requirements to follow. For breakfast at least half a cup of vegetables should be consumed along with one fruit serving over the day and one cup of milk. These South Beach Diet guidelines will also work for lunch and dinner, but there will be a minimum of two cups of vegetables for these meals. Snacks at this part of the diet are optional. Plain and low fat yogurt is allowed at this point too.

The third phase is the last part of the diet. The South Beach Diet guidelines are not going to be a complete necessity in this case. This is because the third phase can last a lifetime as long as the person holds to the most basic of the South Beach Diet guidelines. By following the most essential of the guidelines weight loss can continue to be effective and can continue to work without the body gaining any of the weight that it had lost during the earlier parts of the South Beach Diet.

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