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Changing Your Watch Batteries

As you are probably well aware, watch batteries do not last a life time. They have a life span, and some are rechargeable and some are not.

Most watches sold today use lithium batteries. There are also alkaline watch batteries, but they do not perform as well as lithium watch batteries do. Lithium watch batteries last a very long time and they function best in cold weather unlike other batteries. Rechargeable watch batteries are known to be reliable.


When you do need to replace the battery, you have basically two options, either replace it yourself or take it to a watch shop to have it replaced. You may have trouble finding a replacement battery and therefore may need to take it to a jewelry or watch shop.

Most people prefer to take their watch to a watch or jewelry repair shop. As professionals know their trade, and watches can be very intricate and can be easily scratched. Also, special tools are required to open and close the back of the watch.

Most shops sell watch batteries and they do not charge for changing watch batteries. So it is in your best interest, to have a professional change it.

If you are having trouble locating a professional, you may need to replace it yourself. However, you need to proceed with caution, so that you do not damage the watch. If the watch is still under warranty and you damage it, you are ultimately responsible for the damage not the manufacturer.

You will need very small tools such as a thin blade, a wrench, miniature screwdrivers, tweezers, a press, and a soft piece of cloth to lay the watch on while you are working on it.

The process really depends on your watch. You may have a case that snaps on or screws on. Snap cases have a tiny edge on the sides of the case. You need to use a case knife to open it. Hatch cases have an edge similar to a notch cut on the back of the case. A small screwdriver would be perfect for opening this.

Screw cases work differently. You can use a wrench to open it and a press is needed to close it once again. Some watches have a rubber gasket to protect it from water. These cases are more difficult to take apart and put back together.

Once the case is opened, you should use tweezers to get the battery out and then replacing it. Be very careful!

If you are interested in replacing your own watch batteries, it really is not rocket science however, you have to have the proper tools and you have to be very careful.

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