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Easter Triduum

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Easter Triduum

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Easter Triduum (or Paschal Triduum) is a term used by some Christian churches, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, to denote, collectively, the last three days before Easter Sunday.

The term was first used for this purpose at the Second Vatican Council, whose revised liturgical calendar set the final three days of Holy Week apart from Lent proper. Among other things, the change meant that purple vestments would henceforth no longer be used on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, with the color being changed to white on Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday and to red on Good Friday in commemoration of the crucifixion (the color for Palm Sunday was concomitantly changed from purple to red). In addition, no elective Masses (such as weddings or funerals) could be solemnized on these three days (prior to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council weddings were prohibited throughout the entire season of Lent and certain other periods as well).

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