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Egg Decorating

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Egg Decorating

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Egg decorating is the art or craft of decorating eggs. Any bird egg can be facilitated in this process, but most often the larger and stronger the eggshell is, the more favoured it will be by decorators.

Goose, duck or hens' eggs are usually removed, i.e. the content of the egg is removed. The egg is sometimes sculpted, otherwise decorated in a number of different techniques.

Some eggs, like emu eggs, are so large and strong that the shells may be carved without breaking. Decorations on emu eggs take advantage of the contrast in colours between the dark green mottled outside of the shell, and the contrasting shell-underlay.

The renowned Russian artist and jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé made exquisitely decorated precious metal and gemstone eggs for the Russian Court. These Fabergé eggs resembled standard decorated eggs, but they were made from gold and precious stones.

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