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Superb Lyrebird as painted by John Gould of a British Museum specimen ( in real life, the Lyrebird's tail is different )
Superb Lyrebird
as painted by John Gould
of a British Museum specimen
( in real life, the Lyrebird's tail is different )
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Suborder: Passeri
Parvorder: Corvida
Many, see text

Corvida is under the Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy, one of two parvorders contained within the suborder Passeri. More recent research suggests that it is not a distinct clade but an evolutionary grade instead. As such the usage of this parvorder is likely to be subject to further revision.


  • Menuridae: lyrebirds
    Atrichornithidae: scrub birds
    Climacteridae: Australian treecreepers
    Maluridae: fairy-wrens, emu-wrens and grasswrens
    Meliphagidae: honeyeaters and chats
    Pardalotidae: pardalotes, scrubwrens, thornbills, and gerygones
    Petroicidae: Australian robins
    Orthonychidae: logrunners
    Pomatostomidae: Australasian babblers
    Cinclosomatidae: whipbirds and allies
    Neosittidae: sittellas
    Pachycephalidae: whistlers, shrike-thrushes, pitohuis and allies
    Dicruridae: monarch flycatchers and allies
    Campephagidae: cuckoo shrikes and trillers
    Oriolidae: orioles and Figbird
    Icteridae: American blackbirds and orioles, grackles and cowbirds
    Artamidae: wood swallows, butcherbirds, currawongs and Australian Magpie
    Paradisaeidae: birds of paradise
    Corvidae: crows, ravens, and jays
    Corcoracidae: White-winged Chough and Apostlebird
    Irenidae: fairy-bluebirds
    Laniidae: shrikes
    Vireonidae: vireos
    Ptilonorhynchidae: bowerbirds
    Turnagridae: Piopio

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