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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Oriolidae
Vigors, 1825
  • Oriolus
  • Sphecotheres

Orioles are colourful Old World passerine birds in the family Oriolidae. They are not related to the New World orioles, which are Icterids, family Icteridae.

The orioles are a mainly tropical Old World group, although one species breeds in more temperate regions.


  • Golden Oriole, Oriolus oriolus
    Brown Oriole, Oriolus szalayi
    Halmahera Oriole, Oriolus phaeochromus
    Ceram Oriole, Oriolus forsteni
    Buru Oriole, Oriolus bouroensis
    Timor Oriole, Oriolus viridifuscus
    Olive-backed Oriole or White-bellied Oriole, Oriolus sagittattus
    Yellow Oriole or Green Oriole, Oriolus flavocinctus
    Dark-throated Oriole, Oriolus xanthonotus
    White-lored Oriole, Oriolus albiloris
    Isabela Oriole, Oriolus isabellae
    African Golden Oriole, Oriolus auratus
    Black-naped Oriole, Oriolus chinensis
    Green-headed Oriole, Oriolus chlorocephalus
    Great-billed Oriole, Oriolus crassirostris
    Western Black-headed Oriole, Oriolus brachyrhynchus
    Forest Oriole, Oriolus monacha
    Black-headed Oriole, Oriolus larvatus
    Black-winged Oriole, Oriolus nigripennis
    Black-hooded Oriole, Oriolus xanthornus
    Black Oriole, Oriolus hosii
    Black and Crimson Oriole, Oriolus cruentus
    Maroon Oriole, Oriolus trailili
    Silver Oriole, Oriolus mellianus
    Figbird Sphecotheres viridis

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