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Pacific Flyway

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The Pacific Flyway is a major north-south route of travel for migratory birds in the Americas, extending from Alaska to Patagonia. Every year, migratory birds travel some or all of this distance both in spring and in fall, following food sources, heading to breeding grounds, or travelling to over-wintering sites.

Any given bird species travels roughly the same route every year, at almost the same time. Ornithologists and bird-lovers can often predict to the day when a particular species will show-up in their area.

Along the Pacific Flyway, there are many key rest-stops where birds of many species gather, sometimes in the millions to feed, and regain their strength before continuing. Some species may remain in these rest-stops for the entire season, but most stay a few days before moving on. One of these rest-stops, Boundary Bay, Canada, has been listed as an Important Bird Area by the Canadian government in recognition of its value to migratory birds.

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