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The first case of ebola breakout was discovered many years ago. It was determined that they had contracted the virus from monkeys, which they would kill for food. The ebola was restricted to the Congo and was a cyclical event. Due to the poor was and food sources the villagers used alternative protein sources such as monkeys. The source of ebola can be isolated to primates, apes and bats. Because of the outbreak in the new regions, the question of whether the climate changes has caused species such as the bats or monkeys to migrate to these other areas.

A USF professor says you have a better chance of getting killed by a wrong-way driver than catching Ebola. 


Facts about ebola:

  1. Ebola only spreads when people are sick
  2.  Symptoms usually appear 8-10 days after infection
  3. After 21 days, if an exposed person does not develop symptoms
  4. Unlike the flu and measles, Ebola does not spread through the air.
  5. Ebola isn't airborne, and it doesn't spread by water.
  6. Body fluids have to come in contact with your eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin, like a cut, wound or abrasion
  7. Body fluids include saliva, mucus, vomit, feces, sweat, tears, breast milk, urine, and semen.
  8. There's no evidence of that. But some bats and monkeys are considered carriers
  9. As far as body fluids with ebola virus on surfaces, "When it dries, it dies"
I have noticed there is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding the Affordable Care Act in reference to mandatory insurance and penalty fee if you don't get insurance. I am posting the following information to help clarify and a li...nk to the government marketplace to help find insurance with possible lower premiums.

If you need health insurance with a lower premium this may be of help to you...
The tax for those who don’t comply starts at $95 per adult in 2014 (or 1 percent of annual household income, whichever is greater) and grows to $695 by 2016 and beyond (or 2.5 percent of income). The penalty will be assessed on your federal tax return.
But the law contains many exemptions. For instance, you won’t have to pay a tax penalty if:
•you’re a member of a federally recognized Native American tribe,
•you’re incarcerated,
•you’re in the country illegally,
•you belong to a religion that opposes accepting benefits from a health insurance policy,
•you cannot find “affordable” coverage, meaning the cost of your premium would be more than 8 percent of household income, or
•your household income is low enough that you’re not required to file a federal tax return
A few basics for other readers: Medicare is the subsidized national health system for people 65 and over.

Medicare Part A, known as the “hospital insurance” portion, helps pay for inpatient hospital stays, inpatient skilled nursing facility stays (after a hospital stay), some home health care and hospice care.

Medicare Part B, known as the “medical insurance” portion, helps pay for outpatient medical care such as doctor visits, lab tests and durable medical equipment.

Even though Part A offers limited coverage, it still will meet Obamacare’s insurance requirement, says Jack Cheevers of the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

So technically, you’ll be fine.
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Added the RN Video module (Video Gallery). This module uses a users YouTube feed to display the videos in the site.  By default, this module will display 5 videos per page. 

Gallery newly added.  Used a photo of my granddaughter and an album of sunsets/sunrises as a samples.  You can add your own albums/images.  Visitors can rate photos.

Added a shopping cart that is still being tweaked.  Adding new items gradually while modifications are being completed.  Purchases can be made though.



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